2020 Artist List

Winnie Owens-Hart traveled to Lawrence on November 21st to jury the 2020 Cone Box Show.   She selected 42 works.  We are excited to realize her vision of the 2020 show.  Congratulations to the following:

Like a Coin Purse Chandra Beadleston
Death Bed Hannah Brust
Bruegel the 1st “Peasant painter” Yonat Chameides
Bruegel the 2nd “Peasant painter” Yonat Chameides
Rights of the Child Teresa Dunlop
Espresso Time Teresa Dunlop
Cherry Blossom Espresso set for two Anne Egitto
My little politician Eric Fuson
Mini Bottle Vase Maureen Gamel
Winter’s Brood Douglas Gray
Fledgling Douglas Gray
Above the Muck David Harris
Floating in a Brick House David Harris
Tender Hearted Carol Horst
We are precarious Carol Horst
Cone Throne Karen Kohtz
Lazarus Karen Kohtz
Remodel:Bedroom at arles with en suite Karen Kohtz
Raku chick Susanna Kopchains
Finder’s Keepers Hilde Lambrechts
From the Ministry of Funny Hats Hilde Lambrechts
Sugar Jar Caitlyn Marsh
Ternio Sentio CJ Niehaus
Tris Calix CJ Niehaus
Shabby Chic Teapot Cindy Percival
Basket Cindy Percival
teapot Roberta Polfus
Flower reef Roberta Polfus
Diaphanous Magma, WonderPortal series Heather Rosenman
Incandescent Tephra, WonderPortal Series Heather Rosenman
What a Journey Susanne Sidebottom
My work brushes Susanne Sidebottom
Ancient Carolyn Sorrell
Old lovers Olivia Stinson
Blooming Noche Necklace Bernadette Esperanza Torres
Cup & Saucy C.A. Traen
A Shoal of Appetizer Forks Leilani Trinka
Olive Dish with Picks Leilani Trinka
Rocking Bud Vase Leilani Trinka
Cup and Saucer Jan Van Meter
Emergence Trish Whidby
Organic Form Collette Zielinski

The show will open at Bracker’s Good Earth Clays with an afternoon reception on Saturday, January 11, 2020.  Images from the show will be available online after this date.  The closing reception on February 28th, 2020 will coincide with Final Fridays in Lawrence.  The show will then be packed up to travel to the annual NCECA conference in Richmond, VA.  Find us in the convention center, beginning with the opening reception on Tuesday, March 24th, through Friday March 27th at 5pm.

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  1. Hey Cindy, I’d really like to purchase Jan Van Meter’s Cup and Saucer but can’t find the right spot on the website. Help please! Sherri

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