2020 Cone Box Show update as of May 2020

We emailed the following message to all 2020 Cone Box Show artists a few days ago and shared it on Facebook.

Hello Cone Box Show artists! 
We sincerely hope this email finds everyone in continued good health. Cindy, Anne M, and Anne W had a chance to meet last week to make some decisions regarding how to proceed with The 2020 Orton Cone Box Show and we wanted to let you all know. It was the first time all three of us have been in the same place at the same time since this whole quarantine thing got serious in early to mid-March. We all wore masks and maintained appropriate distance. Not hugging each other was tough, but at least it was good to see each other and laugh together. Under normal circumstances, we see each other almost every day since Bracker’s is a family business.
We decided that this show deserves to be seen in person, not just as a virtual show online. We would like to hold on to the show with the hope that we can exhibit it at the NCECA conference next spring in Cincinnati pending a decision by the NCECA board on the status of the 2021 conference and also contingent on the availability and approval of appropriate exhibition space for The Cone Box Show. We have indications that any show that had an exhibit location at the 2020 conference will almost automatically get a place to exhibit at the 2021 conference. Given the small space requirements for The Orton Cone Box Show, we are optimistic that we will have a place to exhibit. 
Artists who submitted pieces that didn’t get any entries accepted in the show: we will be boxing up your submissions and shipping them back to you this week or next. If you hand-delivered your pieces, we’ll contact you separately to find out how to return your pieces. We’ll send you a tracking number when your work has been packed and ships.
Artists who submitted 2 (or 3) pieces to the show but not all were accepted in the show: we will be holding on to all of your pieces for the time being.
Artists who had all of their submissions accepted into the show: we will be safely and securely holding your pieces to exhibit at the 2021 NCECA conference then returning them after the conference. If pieces in the show sell (or have been sold), we’ll ship them to their buyer after the show returns from exhibition.
If a piece has already sold or you received a monetary award, we will send you a check for that amount within the next 2 weeks. International artists, please let us know if you would like us to send your money via PayPal.
Sincerely yours,

Cindy Bracker,  Anne M Bracker, and Anne W Bracker
The 2020 Orton Cone Box Show is sponsored by Bracker’s Good Earth Clays, The Orton Ceramic Foundation, and Hieronymus Objects/The Richard and Alita Rogers Family Foundation

2016 Show Artist List

Wyatt Amend
Stuart Asprey
Mark Bell
Clinton Berry
Angela Carbone
John Chambers
Amy Chase
Daria Claiborne
Juli Crenshaw
Jeff Diehl
Marcia Erickson
Delores Fortuna
Barbara Frey
Chase Grover
Sandra Happel
Inger Heebøll
Jennifer Hill
Steve Hilton
Anna Calluori Holcombe
Nina Hole
Enid Israelson
Hiromi Iyoda
Cathi Jefferson
Margrieta Jeltema
Dave Kaufmann
Susan Kennedy
Danny Kostyshin
Brian Kovachik
Mika Negishi Laidlaw
Harriette Laskin
Robert Long
Monette Mark
Caitlyn Marsh
Maureen Miller
Priscilla Mouritzen
C.J. Niehaus
Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson
Julie Olson
Karen Orsillo
Inayoshi Osama
Vijayan V Paniker
Jared Pfeiffer
Roberta Polfus
Phil Rogers
Anne Marie Row
Kelly Rush
Mary Ellen Salmon
Kris Saxton
Marcia Selsor
Paula Shalan
Melanie Sherman
Cynthia Siegel
Mark Bell & Simon Vande
Ersatz Sobriquet
Mitchell Spain
Susan Speck
Linda Swanson
Beatriz Trepat
Leilani Trinka
Simon Van Der Ven
Paula Vaughn
John Vorstadt
Mike Watanabe
Christopher Whittington
Liz Willoughby
Jessica Wilson
Karen Wise
Fred Yokel


Award winners will be announced at the opening on March 4th, and should then appear here on our website the following week.  Thank you all for your patience!

We will also post an image gallery soon!

Cone Box Show March 2016 in Kansas City!

We are excited to announce that the next International Cone Box Show will be premiered at the 50th Anniversary NCECA Conference in Kansas City.  The Deadline for entries will be December of 2015, so you have plenty of time.  Our Jurors will be Garth Clark, Greg Daly & Inge Balch.  Accepted artists will be posted online by the end of January, and the show will open at the Hilliard Gallery in Kansas City in March.  Remember that the best things come in small packages!

2012 Award Winners

Congratulations to this years International Cone Box Show Award Winners!

Jurors Award Winners are:

Charlotte  Nielsen, 4291 Ruds Vedby,  DK   DENMARK

Johannette  Rowley, Honolulu,  HI   USA

Sebastian  Moh, Louisville,  KY   USA

Purchase Award Winners are:

Greg  Daly, Cowra,  NSW   AUSTRALIA

Chad  Gunderson, Bennington,  VT   USA

Enid  Israelson, Brooklyn,  NY   USA

Cathi  Jefferson, Duncan,  BC   CANADA

Darien  Johnson, Buffalo,  NY   USA

Shikha  Joshi, Round Rock,  TX   USA

Wendy  Kershaw, Glasgow,  Scotland   Scotland

Paul  Knoll, Claremont,  CA   USA

Brian  Kovachik, Juno Beach,  FL   USA

Brian  Molanphy, Dallas,  TX   USA

KyoungHwa  Oh, Grand Junction,  CO   USA

Marie  Paquette, Kars,  ON   CANADA

Roberta  Polfus, Oak Park,  IL   USA

Johannette  Rowley, Honolulu,  HI   USA

Tammie  Rubin, Champaign,  IL   USA